Holistic Energy Healing

Just as everything is made up of energy, our bodies too are complex energetic ecosystems. When energy within the body becomes disrupted or blocked, subtle changes can occur, affecting different parts of our internal ecosystem. Over time, these changes can manifest in physical, mental or emotional stress and dis-ease. Holistic Energy Healing techniques can help you regain balance by clearing energetic blockages and re-connecting you to your innate healing capacities.

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Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.
— Donna Eden


Reiki is a Japanese tradition of energy work with ancient roots and modern day applications. Working predominately with the seven chakras, Reiki balances the energy centers of the body and activates the body’s innate wisdom to heal. This natural healing process helps to shift patterns of disease by releasing energetic blockages and encouraging the flow of life force energy throughout the body.

Eden Energy Medicine

Using protocols to test the different energy systems of the body, the practitioner can determine where energy has become stuck or stagnant. With a gentle, hands-on approach, the practitioner then releases and moves the stagnant energy, balancing chakras, meridians, emotions & hormones, easing stress & pain and allowing the body to heal. In addition to these hands-on sessions, Eden Energy Medicine implements simple daily energy routines that can be done anytime to instantaneously increase your sense sense of vitality & wellbeing.



Quantum Crystalline Healing

Crystalline Healing uses different gemstones for various levels of high vibrational healing. “A Crystalline Balance helps a person to release unconscious, multi-dimensional imprints and infuses the body with light. From this purified place of worthiness and balance, new dreams, goals & visions can manifest while health & vitality are enhanced.” ~Renata McConnell, Founder of QCE Healing

Gemstone Selection

Throughout history, healing stones have been used to help clear energetic blockages. Muscle testing is available by appointment to help select stones that best support your energy field. Stones can be handmade into custom jewelry, keychains or charms... or you can just keep the them in your pocket or nearby. A description of the stone's properties is included with most stones and jewelry.