Beth Vickers

Practitioner of Energy Healing,
Reiki Master

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919-245-7900 (ext. 5)

Services Offered: Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, Quantum Crystalline Healing, Muscle Testing & Gemstone Selection

Beth is an energy healing practitioner, Reiki Master and owner of Healing Stones handmade jewelry. “Stress” is the #1 reason clients come to Beth initially and then it grows into a much deeper and compassionate understanding of what’s going on in the body. Our bodies are energetic ecosystems. Thoughts, feelings, movement, food, toxins, and our spiritual connection, can affect us energetically and ultimately physically. When we suffer from negative interferences, energy can get stuck in the body and start causing pain, illness and emotional issues. Beth works to determine where these blockages exist in the body and mind. Then she uses various energy healing modalities to move, release, and correct the energy, allowing it to flow freely throughout the body to where it is needed. When the energy moves freely through the meridians, chakras and other energy systems, the body can regain balance, function optimally, and has the innate ability to start healing itself back to a state of wellbeing. 

Clients have found improvement with all sorts of issues such as; anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, Lyme’s, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s, back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee and foot pain, IBS, feelings of inadequacy, lack of willpower, grief, food allergies, TMJ, diabetes, thyroid, hormones, negative thinking, migraines, self-limiting patterns and beliefs, adrenal fatigue, immune system issues, insomnia, weight, general health maintenance and self-care.  This list goes on…. Everyone can benefit from energy healing.

Over the past decade, Beth has studied and earned certifications in Reiki level III, Eden Energy Medicine and Quantum Crystalline Energy healing, which uses gemstones. She holds an Interior Design degree from Purdue University and worked as a designer and project manager in Commercial and Residential Design and Construction for 15 years. She believes that our environments also affect our health and well-being and she infuses basic Feng Shui principles into her space plans and designs, to allow the healthy flow of Qi (energy).  She lives in the Hillsborough Historic District in a quaint 1921 bungalow that she recently renovated. You might see her walking or biking around town, enjoying the River Walk, local establishments or eating healthy food at Weaver Street Market. She loves hiking, skiing and yoga and is getting back into running, which led her to seek energy healing in the first place.

Visit her studio at Cedar Walk Wellness Center during the Last Friday’s Art Walks, where she displays and sells her jewelry and stones.  Beth can help you identify gemstones that support your energy field and can make them into beautiful jewelry.

Beth is blessed with many clients in her hometown of Columbus, IN and travels there frequently for healing sessions and to visit family, so please schedule early!

*Daytime, Evening and Weekend appointments are available 7 days a week.

*Wear comfortable clothing, as you will be fully clothed on a massage table for the session.