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Laughter Yoga (FREE) with Neidra

Welcome Neidra to CWWC as she teaches her first class at this location.
This class is FREE of charge. Donations gratefully accepted yet not
expected! Enjoy.

Neidra will warm up the class with deep breathing and rhythmic clapping to
begin increasing oxygen intake, boosting circulation, and stimulating pressure
points. Clapping and deep breathing are integral parts of each exercise thereafter.
She will guide the group through multiple exercises that will spark playfulness,
individual creativity, and lots and lots of laughter! Toward the last minutes of class,
Neidra will lead everyone through positive affirmations and a silent meditation for
grounding. The session comes to a close with a group visualization for peace on

This first class is FREE. Neidra will be asking for a very short questionnaire to
be filled in. Dress comfortably (and colorfully if you wish!); shoes and socks are
optional. We will be standing and moving as we breathe and laugh through the
exercises but if you need a chair, that can be accommodated. All ages, genders,
and mobility abilities are welcome!

Space is limited to 8 people. Pre-registration is suggested. Reserve your
spot, and ask any questions, at