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Reduce Stress with DIY Energy Medicine Techniques

Reiki master, energy medicine practitioner, and Cedar Walk team member, Beth
, will teach you about energy and how energy medicine can be used to help
reduce stress. You will learn to:

1. Balance your basic energies on a daily basis, with simple gentle exercises.
2. Calm the flight, fright, fight response
3. Ground your energies to keep you calm and centered

Beth Vickers will lead the group through a series of simple exercises to do each
morning and throughout the day as needed. These techniques can be done
anywhere, sitting or standing and some can even be done lying down before you get
out of bed! Wear comfortable clothing, no special equipment or attire required,
except you may want to BYOB/Water. She will suggest that you take off your shoes to
get the most benefit from the exercises.  

Cost: $40

For questions, contact Beth at